Advanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes

The Most Advanced & Hands on WordPress Course, learn while developing 7 DIFFERENT WORDPRESS PLUGINS, WP REST API added!

Created by Juan Pablo De la torre Valdez
Last updated 11/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Create WordPress Plugins!
  • Develop more advanced and complex WordPress sites

  • Understand what Taxonomies, Metaboxes and Custom Post Types are

  • Take advantage of this Advanced WordPress features
  • Understand the Shortcode API, WP Ajax, with practical Examples
  • Leverage your CSS3, jQuery, PHP and JavaScript with WordPress Development
  • Use the WP REST API and WP Ajax
Curriculum For This Course
112 Lectures


  • Have a Local WordPress installation i will be using MAMP, but you can use WAMP, XAMPP, Vagrant or Bitnami, you will be fine 🙂
  • A Text Editor, i will be using Atom, but sublime text, brackets, or any other also works!

Are you ready to take your WordPress skills to a whole new level?

With Advanced WordPress Topics: Post Types Taxonomies & Metaboxes you will learn all these technologies with a 100% practical course.


But you will learn more than that, in this course we’re developing 7 DIFFERENT PROJECTS!!


1.- A Plugin for Custom Post Types and Taxonomies.

2.- A Plugin for Metaboxes.

3.- A Plugin for Upcoming Events with CMB2

4.- Filter Posts with Masonry Effect & WP Ajax

5.- An Advanced Search Form with WP Ajax

6.- Submit Posts from the Front End of our WordPress Site

7.- Infinite Scrolling with Ajax and WP REST API

This are complete, real world, develop from start to finish projects, each project contains between 8 and 13 videos, so they’re in depth examples!

What else i will learn in this course?

We will use a lot of different techniques and integrate different technologies such as: jQuery, CSS3, WP Ajax, the Shortcode API, Custom Metaboxes 2 (CMB2), WP REST API, Filterizr & a lot more!


If you have some experience working with WordPress and you want to learn more advanced topics, this course is for you!

Check the Preview Videos 🙂 they will show everything that you will learn!


Who is the target audience?
  • If you have some experience with WordPress this course is for you
  • This is not a beginners course, you need at least some basic WordPress experience
  • All the code is gonna be written from scratch ( Code Snippets included in the course to help you)
  • You have to know where themes, plugins and all these files are stored in WordPress
  • If you have some basic PHP, CSS, HTML or JS experience with web design and you want to use WordPress this course will help you

Size: 3.14 GB

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