LEARN HARMONICA, amaze your friends and have fun – it’s EASY

In this ENCYCLOPAEDIA HARMONICA Ben guides you step by step. THIS is how to play the harmonica – blues music and more!

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Created by Ben Hewlett
Last updated 1/2018
What Will I Learn?
  • Here are some of the thousands of things you will learn on this course: how to play the blues, how to…play chords, rhythms, use chugging, breathe properly, play the 12 bar blues, use straight and swing rhythms, play single notes with pucker and tongueblocked embouchures, learn useful scales, play box patterns an groovy scale exercises, use single, double and triple tonguing, play simple tunes in different keys, use the modes and positions effectively, play more complex tunes, bend some of the notes, learn major and minor pentatonic scales for improvising, soloing in blues and country music, play with better tone, use the hands properly, play tunes and chords at the same time, play basic blues chugs rhythms and riffs, Sonny Terry style, Sonnyboy Williamson style, different types of vibratos and tremolos, harder note bending, tb bending, using technology to help you learn and practice – and there is way more than I can type in addition.
  • All you need is a 10 hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C. Just get one from your local music store or we can mail one to you via SonnyboysMusicstore.co.uk. The Mojo is recomended for Blues and the Sonnyboys Special is a good allround harmonica. Hohner harmonicas are also recommended but any will also get the job done. Later in the course you will need harmonicas in A and D.

Udemy’s BEST SELLING harmonica course – with over 10,000 students.

They can’t all be wrong!


If you ever wanted to learn to play the harmonica this updated course is for you!


From Udemy students in the last few days:

“Super clear explanation; he taught me more thus far than any book I’ve tried yet. Two thumbs up!”

“I tried many harmonica beginner courses but this one is the best of all.”

“Ben is amazing. He knows how to teach. Highly recommended course.”

“This is the best online music lesson course I have taken. Ben is an awesome instructor! Very knowledgeable and has a great style of teaching.”

Many video lectures recently added or updated.

I will hold your hand all the way through the videos with my ‘infectious and humorous’ style of teaching. People tell me that and who am I to argue.

In fact I’m open to a quick Skype chat with you if you need some help.

You will feel like I’m right with you in a one to one lesson showing exactly you how to do it, and encouraging to to become confident and go it alone.


This course gives you the basics in 125 easy to follow lectures.

It’s designed to be fun, friendly, easy for anyone to learn – even non-musical people! It is is designed to help you succeed and lead you on to the next in the series.

There are pdfs and mp3 downloads with many lectures so you can read the tablature and play along with the audio music written especially for learning harmonica.

Please be sure to visit the Questions area and Forum to interact with other students. It’s a great way to learn more and helps you apply what the course gives you.

I check my Udemy messages most days so feel free to message me if you have a question and I’ll do my best to come back to you quickly.

“Ben Hewlett is the UK’s most respected harmonica teacher and most prolific author. He will lead you through the ins and outs of harmonica playing through a series of short video lessons. His teaching style is confident, practiced, humorous, skilful, knowledgeable and packed with information in bite sized chunks.”

I am used to teaching all over the world at prestigious harmonica festivals, one to one, groups, night school, corporate team-building, as a guest lecturer on cruise ships and but now it’s your turn!

Do you want to get so good you’ll be able to confidently play the songs you love for family and friends, jam with musicians, or even play on stage with a band?

Don’t play an instrument? Learn the Harmonica, it’s easy, cheap, portable, and sounds great.

If you can breathe you can play the harmonica.

Why play the harmonica?

·It’s easy to play – you don’t even need to use fingers

·The harmonica is an accessible and relatively easy introduction to music

·You can play scales and tunes over three octaves

·You can play rhythms with chords, as well as melodies (sometimes even both at the same time!)

·You can also play pairs of notes simultaneously using different intervals, including octaves

·It’s cheap and fits in your pocket

·You can play along / accompany on the piano – the harmonica equates to the white notes on the piano

·It sounds great right out of the box

You can learn to play it chromatically (all the sharps and flats) but most people generally don’t get to this stage so initially we play it modally to access C major, D minor (dorian), E minor (Phrygian), F major (Lydian), G major (mixolydian) A minor (aeolian), B minor (locrian)

You can play the Blues – where it is best known

You hear it on adverts and TV theme tunes all the time – now you can join in

A lot of bands use the harmonica as part of their show – that could be you

There are a thousand harmonica performances viewable for free on YouTube – you thought you were the only one?

It can lead to work if you want it to; there are many people who play music in bands and who teach and write about music as a full time or part time living.

The world’s most popular instrument – Guinness book of world records – so they say

You can:

·Play on stage

·Or with your friends

·Or at a jam session

The harmonica is a small, versatile instrument played in nearly every kind of music and most cultures the world over. Though it may seem confusing to learn at first glance, the harmonica is actually an easy and fun instrument to get started playing.

‘You’re not just learning an instrument : you’re exploring your soul. You need what Virginia Woolf called “a room of one’s own,” i.e., a place where you can practice obsessively and/or cut loose without worrying too much about the wife or husband, the roomate, the dogs, the kids, or the neighbors overhearing and critiquing you. This can be your bedroom or bathroom, a stereo room, the basement, an office, or it can be outdoors, in an abandoned park tunnel or along a windswept boardwalk–anywhere in which you feel as though you’re away.’ From Adam Gussow’s site

Best of all, learning the harmonica is fun.

You all know the sound of a harmonica; you hear it on a Beatles track, in a Western Movie, in a TV theme tune or on a advert. It’ll always be in classic rhythm and blues songs. The voice of the harmonica is all around us, it’s distinct and wherever it is found, it always sounds cool.

The harmonica has been enjoyed on top of mountains, in deserts, jungles, trenches, and prisons and even in a Gemini Space Rocket, so keeping one in your pocket is no problem.


Take this course and play the harmonica instantly. No musical experience needed.

You will pick it up straight away without needing any music skills. This is easy to play and really fun to learn. You will be proud of your achievements and happy with the results.

‘INSTANT HARMONICA’ is a new series of courses where you learn one tune or technique per course. You will find it is taught in a friendly and encouraging manner and most importantly it is taught   v-e-r-y   s-l-o-w-l-y.

Ben Hewlett is a very experienced music teacher who is able to be very patient and methodical. Each lecture will introduce you to the next group of notes – usually just 4 new notes and that’s it.

This method is very easy for you to pick up the tunes as they are repeated over and over again until you have got it. You can even re-run the video if you find it useful.

Take one course and learn your favourite tune. The try another. Remember you can always get your money back if you wish but otherwise you have lifetime access to the course.

Imagine how amazing it will feel when you whip out your harmonica and play this tune – your friends and family will carry you shoulder high in triumph. Hopefully they don’t carry you out of town and dump you in the river, but hey, swimming’s good as well.

The health benefits of playing the harmonica are well documented – google it. Your lungs get exercised, your lung capacity increases, aerobic movement is good for you, playing music makes you smarter they say.

You will have fun on your own and with your friends, and more oxygen to the brain will make you think you are having a good time so it’s all good.

If you feel any copyright has been infringed please contact me immediately and I will take action to rectify. To the best of my knowledge and belief there are no infringements as set out below.

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The Library of Congress broadly gives the same view.

 “(5) Not more than 5% of a work may be copied under this section by or on behalf of an educational establishment in any period of 12 months, and for these purposes a work, which incorporates another work is to be treated as a single work. 

Fair dealing with a work for the purposes of private study does not infringe any copyright in the work.”

Any recordings used in my courses represent less than 5% of the entire work and are already in the public domain on YouTube.

Any written transcriptions are written by me or my team to promote the work and the artist and to facilitate students who want to learn more about their music.

Any audio backing tracks are written and recorded by me or my team to promote the work and the artist and to facilitate students who want to learn more about their music.

Who is the target audience?
  • This ENCYCLOPAEDIA HARMONICA for people who have never played harmonica at all, people who have only started dabbling with the harmonica recently, intermediate players and even advanced – something for everyone!
Curriculum For This Course
136 Lectures


Size: 15.26 GB


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