The Complete JavaScript Course 2018: Build Real Projects!

Master JavaScript with the most complete course on the market! Projects, challenges, quizzes, ES6+, OOP, AJAX, Webpack


Created by Jonas Schmedtmann
Last updated 11/2018
What you’ll learn
  • Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer
  • Code 3 beautiful real-world apps with both ES5 and ES6+ (no boring toy apps)

  • JavaScript and programming fundamentals: variables, boolean logic, if/else, loops, functions, arrays, etc.

  • Complex features like the ‘this’ keyword, function constructors, prototypal inheritance, first-class functions, closures
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: The event loop, promises, async/await, AJAX and APIs
  • Modern JavaScript for 2018: NPM, Webpack, Babel and ES6 modules
  • A true understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes
  • What’s new in ES6: arrow functions, classes, default and rest parameters, etc.
  • Practice your new skills with coding challenges (solutions included)
  • Organize and structure your code using JavaScript patterns like modules
  • Get friendly and fast support in the course Q&A
  • Downloadable lectures, code and design assets for all projects
Course content
Expand all 164 lectures 27:52:18
  • No coding experience is necessary to take this course! I take you from beginner to expert!
  • Any computer and OS will work — Windows, macOS or Linux. We will set up your text editor the course.
  • A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is a plus, but not a must! The course includes a 5-minutes HTML and CSS crash course.

*** The #1 bestselling JavaScript course on Udemy! ***

“Excellent course. Jonas explains the core concepts in javascript that are usually glossed over in other courses. And he does it in a manner that is clear and concise.” — John Collins

Do you want to learn the number #1 programming language that powers the internet?

Are you tired of wasting your time and money on random youtube videos or JavaScript courses that are either too simple, or too difficult to follow?

Or are you struggling to deeply understand and apply JavaScript to real projects?

If your answer is a big YES… Then this is exactly the course you are looking for!

So what is the course about?


This is a truly complete JavaScript course, that goes beyond what other JavaScript courses out there teach you.

I will take you from a complete JavaScript beginner to an advanced developer. You will not just learn the JavaScript language itself, you will also learn how to program. How to solve problems. How to structure and organize code using common JavaScript patterns.

Come with me on a journey with the goal of truly understanding the JavaScript language. And I explain everything on the way with great detail!

You will learn “why” something works in JavaScript, not just “how”. Because in the modern JavaScript world of today, you need more than just knowing how something works. You need to debug code, you need to understand code, you need to be able to think about code.

To achieve our goal together, the course contains coding sessions, coding challenges, theory lectures, real-world projects and a final course exam.

This course is different because it’s not just about writing code, it’s also about how and why code works the way it does. Because it’s the perfect mix between theory and practice. Because it focuses not only on small coding examples, but also on real-world projects and use cases.

So, by the end of the course, you will be a capable JavaScript developer, able to write, understand and debug JavaScript code using all the powerful features the language offers to us.

Here is exactly what we cover in this course:

• All the JavaScript and programming fundamentals: things like variables, data types, boolean logic, if/else statements, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and more.

• Everything you need to know in order to gain a deep understanding of how JavaScript works behind the scenes: execution contexts, hoisting, scoping, the ‘this’ keyword, and more.

• How to make JavaScript code interact with webpages: DOM manipulation. Learn how to select and change webpage elements, create new elements and handle DOM events.

• Complex JavaScript features such as function constructors, prototypal inheritance, first-class functions, closures, the bind and apply methods, and more.

• We are going to code 3 beautiful real-world apps to apply our knowledge and learn new concepts (I provide the starter HTML and CSS code for these projects).

• Learn how to organize and structure your code using modules and functions, how to create data privacy and encapsulation, and why that’s so important.

• What’s new in the most modern version of JavaScript: new features of ES6 / ES2015.

• Asynchronous JavaScript: the event loop, promises, async/await, AJAX calls and APIs.

• Modern JavaScript in 2018: Learn how to set up a modern development workflow with NPM, Webpack, Babel and ES6 modules.

Let’s now find out if this course is for you. It’s a perfect fit if…

Student #1: You want to gain a deep understanding of the most popular programming language in the world: JavaScript.

Student #2: You have taken other JavaScript courses but: 1) still don’t really understand JavaScript, or 2) still don’t feel confident to code real-world apps. This course is perfect for you!

Student #3: You are interested in using popular libraries/frameworks like React, Angular or Node.js.


Student #4: You want to get started with programming in general: JavaScript is a great language to learn how to code.

Now it’s your turn to decide. This is what you get:

• Lifetime access to HD quality videos. No monthly subscription. Learn at your own pace, whenever you want.

• English closed captions (not the auto-generated ones provided by Udemy).

• All videos are downloadable. Learn wherever you want, even without an internet connection!

• Downloadable starter code and final code for each section.

• Free helpful support in the course Q&A when you have questions or get stuck.

• Multiple coding challenges to practice your new skills (solutions included).

• A final course exam with 30 questions to test your JavaScript knowledge.

Sounds great? Then start this adventure today by clicking the “Take this course” button, and join me in the only JavaScript course that you will need!

Who this course is for:
  • Take this course if you want to gain a deep understanding of the most popular programming language in the world: JavaScript.
  • Take this course if you have taken other JavaScript courses but: 1) still don’t really understand JavaScript, or 2) still don’t feel confident to code real-world apps. This course is perfect for you!
  • Take this course if you’re interested in using popular libraries/frameworks like React, Angular or Node.
  • Take this course if you want to get started with programming in general: JavaScript is a great language to learn how to code.

Size: 13.66G

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